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Are you a change-maker? A groover and shaker? Are you an individual, brand or company that shares the same ethos as Hazaar the Bazaar?

Let's make some magic!

Hazaar the Bazaar is a global brand with an international audience. The aim is to use travel as a catalyst for social change.

Our goal, through travelling ethically, is to:




While Hazaar the Bazaar is brand new to the game, I am no stranger to creative business and creating ripples.

As a writer, I hold a Bachelor degree in Journalism. I have professional experience in freelance work, copywriting and news outlets.

I am an expert storyteller and focus on creating engaging, honest and colourful content that speaks to the reader through both words and feelings.

By creating relatable content and providing a positive storytelling experience, the reader is able to form a deeper personal interest in your product or service.

I am also a self-taught amateur graphic designer and website designer (purely through creating this website on my own).

If you like what you see, and you're after an affordable and passionate designer, let's talk! 

I am open to any groovy, ethical ideas, a brainstorm or even just a really good conversation! If you are interested in what Hazaar the Bazaar is doing and would love to join the ripple, please shoot me an email at [email protected]

I am so excited to hear from you, change-maker!

Disclaimer: Hazaar the Bazaar focuses on sustainable travel and living. Our mission statement is honesty and ethics, so partnerships with companies, brands or products with opposing values will not be accepted. Thank you kindly.

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